Friday, June 12, 2015


Folks, we're actively working on getting this new blog into shape and working- so if you check in here and something looks really goofy - let us know, via the comments-

I'm cussing under my breath (or top of my lungs) at the "improvements" in the Blogger software; I've been on Blogger for years- but of course, nothing in the set process is the same, it's all better, faster, and more powerful - and usually incomprehensible.  To me.

Like - somehow, the default "color" for headers/headlines is orange.  ??  What??  Makes my eyes hurt; working on getting that fixed now.

Bear with us!  I promise lots of sheep and lamb photos- stories - and word on what's for sale, when.  And links; and all that stuff.

Soon!  Really!

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