The Flock

Hm.  Ok, my intention is  to have another page to this blog; where it's showing good photos of each animal in the flock - So far; this is not good!  I'm not at all sure I'm on the right track here... for one thing, I obviously need to get the information standardized; date of photo, etc...but...  hm; click on these for larger...
Baldr Kingsson, 2013; herd ram '11, 12
Full year fleece, pre-shearing
Minnie, founding ewe 2012

Peter Baldrsson, herd ram '12, '13;
one of his lambs behind, left

6/13/15, founding ewe Flora right,
her '15 twins, age 3 mo.
Buster, herd ram '14
Pooka Petersson, just sheared,
coming ram 2015
Pooka Petersson, pre-shear ram 2016

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